High-quality materials require specific care to preserve their integrity over time. Specific cleaning and care instructions are present on the product label inside each item. For general advice, read our guide dedicated to bathrobes in cotton terry, cashmere, and blends.


A guide on fabric and care for your beloved lifestyle and loungewear staple ensuring its longevity and correct hygiene over time.




Versace bathrobes are 100% made in Italy and are crafted from soft terry-toweling, providing excellent absorbent quality.

  • Cotton terry is made with a particularly precious yarn that ensures softness and durability.

  • Cotton-cashmere blended terry has an exceptionally soft enveloping hand feel.

  • Polyester terry is mainly used for children's bathrobes to enhance absorbency, breathability, and impermeability.

For specific cleaning advice, we recommend always consulting the instructions on the label of your beloved bathrobe. Additionally, we suggest following our guidelines for general cleaning and maintenance of bathrobes.



Washing your bathrobe is a gesture of special care for both you and your garment. It's important to consider how often and during which season you use it. In winter, washing it after three or four uses may suffice, while in summer when it's used more frequently, it's advisable to wash it at least every two days.

Furthermore, if you air dry it after use or store it in a well-ventilated place, you can extend the time between washings. However, if kept in humid environments, we recommend washing it more frequently to avoid unpleasant odors.

Versace bathrobes can be machine washed using a delicate cycle at 30°C and a moderate spin of up to 800 revolutions per minute to avoid damaging the fabric fibers. We recommend conducting the first three washes without fabric softener to preserve the properties of the terry cloth.

For solid-colored bathrobes, use detergent for delicate garments, avoiding the use of bleach that could damage the fabric. For bathrobes with prints or embroideries, it is advisable to use colour-safe detergents without bleach to preserve the vibrancy of the colors over time.



In case of stains caused by sweat or makeup, we recommend acting promptly using a soft cloth and a gentle stain remover without chlorine. If the stain persists, you can use a specific gentle product for stain removal.



It’s advisable to either air-dry your garment flat to avoid folds or use a tumble dryer, selecting a delicate program with a maximum temperature of 40°C. Before placing the bathrobe in the dryer, we suggest shaking it to remove any wrinkles and straighten the fibers. After tumble drying, the bathrobe does not need to be ironed. Otherwise, if preferred, ironing should not exceed a maximum temperature of 110°C.

It is preferable to avoid washing or drying the bathrobe together with garments with hooks, zips, or buttons. In case of loop pulls in the terry cloth, it is advisable to trim the excess thread with scissors. Dry cleaning is not needed as it does not enhance the characteristics of the terry cloth.

Finally, for proper hygiene and maintenance, ensure the terry cloth is completely dry before storing your beloved bathrobe.