High-quality materials require specific care to preserve their integrity over time.

Specific cleaning and care instructions are present on the product label inside each garment. For general advice, read our dedicated guide for your ready-to-wear garments in cotton, denim, silk, knit, leather and more.







Cotton is a natural plant-derived fiber, that is lightweight, versatile, and breathable.

We recommend gentle hand washing at 30°C or gentle dry cleaning. Preferably, turn the garment inside out and ensure the protection or removal of any accessories.


Denim is a durable cotton fiber material.

  • Jacquard denim reproduces Versace's distinctive designs with a woven texture.

  • Laminated denim achieves a shiny appearance through specific processing techniques involving the application of resins.

  • Lasered denim features graphic motifs made from precise engravings and methods of discoloration.

We recommend gentle washing at 30°C, preferably turning the garment inside out and ensuring the protection or removal of any accessories. Gentle ironing with interposed cloth is suggested.


Silk is a natural fiber of animal origin, obtained from the filament of the silkworm. It has a smooth, lustrous appearance pleasant to the touch.

We recommend gentle dry cleaning and reverse ironing, ensuring the protection and removal of any accessories.


Blended yarns are a combination of two or more fibers to produce fabrics with specific properties following their intended final use, including added warmth or shine.

Types of blended yarns include:

  • Cotton-silk: a lightweight, soft fabric with a luscious, precious finish.

  • Wool-cashmere: a soft-feel fabric with excellent thermal abilities.

  • Lurex threading: a unique fabric with a delicate, bright appearance.

We recommend water or dry cleaning following the instructions on the label.


  • Cashmere is a fine fiber of animal origin with a silky, soft, and woolly hand feel.

  • Wool is a fiber of animal origin valued for its length and fineness.

  • Tweed is a robust and warm wool fabric featuring threads of different colors woven to form precise patterns with soft, open weaves.

  • Jacquard is the result of an intricate thread-weaving technique to create rich and complex patterns.

  • Laminated jersey is a fabric with a glossy appearance achieved through resin-coated finishes.

  • Intarsia is a thread-weaving technique to create graphic patterns in light, fine knits.

  • Gauze or pile results from the extraction and softening of the hair yarn, improving its thermal insulation properties.

  • Coating or lamination is a three-dimensional textured print with a metallic finish.

  • Floating threads consist of loose untied threads for a three-dimensional effect. 

  • Needling is a felting technique to create a worn, distressed finish.

We recommend gentle hand washing or delicate dry cleaning, ensuring the protection and removal of any accessories, and following label instructions. Gentle ironing with interposed cloth is suggested.


Velvet is a rich fabric with a soft hand-feel and bright appearance in a smooth or textured finish.

We recommend water or gentle dry cleaning following the label instructions. Flat drying is suggested to maintain the garment's natural shape.


  • Calfskin is a soft yet durable leather of animal origin.

  • Nappa is a moldable and supple leather of animal origin characterized by natural markings that make each piece unique.

  • Metallic leather is a laminated Nappa with a shiny finish and natural markings for a rock-inspired yet elevated look.

  • Coating mimics the appearance of animal-derived leather and textured finishes, derived from natural or synthetic fibers with a semi-glossy finish, ideal for prints.

Latex is a natural rubber without seams and entirely hand glued, requiring special care.

We recommend washing in cold water and not exposing the garment to direct light while drying to avoid discoloration. It is preferable to avoid the use of creams, oils, or perfumes.


  • Synthetic fibers, including polyester, are versatile and durable materials that can be found either alone or in combination with other synthetic or natural yarns (cotton or silk).

  • Nylon is a lightweight material made from synthetic fibers, with a technical appearance and characterized by high strength and durability. This fabric is suitable for use in printed pattern styles.

  • ECONYL® is a certified recycled material in regenerated nylon.

  • Viscose is a cellulose material of natural origin combined with other fibers, including cotton and polyester. Its brightness is reminiscent of silk and is characterized by a light, fluid, and silky hand feel.

We recommend gentle washing at 30°C or dry cleaning, preferably turning the garment inside out following label instructions. Iron with an interposed damp cloth, ensuring the protection or removal of any accessories.


  • Crystal and metal embellishments are applied by hand, adding preciousness and luminous accents to Versace garments.

  • Embroideries showcase Versace’s couture craftsmanship, applied mostly by hand, making each piece unique.

  • Metal mesh, a couture signature of the House since the ‘90s, is a flexible metal material adaptable to creating complex and liquid-effect draped silhouettes, often embellished with crystals.

We recommend gentle hand washing or dry cleaning at a specialized center, ensuring the protection or removal of any accessories. Reverse ironing is suggested with an interposed damp cloth, avoiding direct contact with embellishments.


Versace prints feature House patterns and signature codes on various fabrics including cotton, viscose, knits, and silks, created by digital printing or transfer techniques in all-over or graphic placements.

We recommend gentle washing at 30°C or delicate dry cleaning. Reverse ironing is preferred, ensuring the protection and removal of any accessories.