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The sale of “Versace” and “Versace Jeans Couture” products (hereinafter, “Product”) remotely through this website, and namely www.versace.com (hereinafter, the “Website”) is regulated by the following general terms of sale (hereinafter, the “Terms of Sale”). The Products are offered for sale on the Website by Gianni Versace S.r.l., a company established and existing under Italian law, with registered office address at Piazza Luigi Einaudi, 4, 20124 Milan, Italy, with Taxpayer ID and VAT Number 04636090963, Economic and Administrative Index (REA) No. 1762567, phone number: +39 02 69430694; Registered E-Mail (PEC): gianniversace@pecversace.it (“VERSACE”).


2.1. The use of remote sales services, regulated under these Terms of Sale, is restricted to consumers aged 18 or older (hereinafter, “Consumer/s”), who act for purposes outside of any commercial, artisan, entrepreneurial, or professional activities they may carry out. It is expressly prohibited to resell or transfer the Products for any commercial or professional reason whatsoever, and the Products may be exclusively purchased from or shipped to the countries listed on the Website.

2.2. Before confirming and sending the Order Form (as defined below), the Consumer must carefully read the Terms of Sale published on the Website and applicable at the time of purchase, which may also be viewed and downloaded. These Terms of Sale, together with the Privacy Policy and the Website Conditions of Use, contain the only rules that regulate the contract between the Consumer and Versace with respect to the purchase of Products through the Website. VERSACE reserves the right to make changes and/or additions to these Terms of Sale at any time. Any changes and/or additions shall be effective exclusively with respect to purchases completed after the date of publication of the new version of the Terms of Sale.  The replacement of these Terms of Sale with a new version thereof shall automatically make these Terms of Sale inapplicable, ineffective, and unenforceable against VERSACE with respect to any purchases made after their elimination from the Website, including where the Terms of Sale can still be viewed and/or accessed from other websites other than the Website.


3.1. For every Product offered for sale on the Website, an image of the Product at issue is displayed, together with the relevant price per unit, available colours, sizes, or fit. Such images are used for illustration purposes only, and VERSACE may not therefore be held liable for any inexact representation of the Product on the Website.

3.2. The order procedure may be started by selecting the “Add to Shopping Bag” option (hereinafter, “Shopping Bag”) if the Product is available, or by selecting “Pre-Order” if the Product is not yet available. To purchase or pre-order a Product, the Consumer must select a model, colour, size, or fit (where applicable), and add it to their Shopping Bag. Pre-Order Products shall be subsequently delivered by the date indicated by VERSACE in both the product page and in the Order Confirmation email. The selected Products, together with their description and one or more photographic images of the same, aimed at providing a correct representation of the Products, are added to the Consumer’s Shopping Bag.  Though VERSACE adopts measures to ensure that the photographic images displayed on the Website are a faithful representation of the Products as they appear in reality, a few variations may in any case be possible due to the technical characteristics and the colour resolution of the device used by the Consumer. Consequently, VERSACE shall not be responsible should the graphic representation of the Products displayed on the Website appear inadequate when due to the above technical reasons.

3.3. To visualise the Products selected and the total price for their purchase order, Consumers must access their Shopping Bag page. Before confirming their order (hereinafter, the “Order Form”), Consumers must check that the items listed in the Shopping Bag are correct, and complete the Order Form by following the instructions featured on the Website. To send an order, Consumers are required to provide personal data, payment details, and accept these Terms of Sale, confirming said acceptance by ticking the relative box. Before sending each Order Form, Consumers are invited to carefully review the relevant order summary including the essential characteristics of each Product ordered, the shipping costs applicable to the order, the terms and conditions for exercising the right of withdrawal (“Information on the Right of Withdrawal”), and the Privacy Policy.

3.4. The procedure for purchasing the Products is completed once the Consumer confirms the order, by validating the Order Form, thereby declaring to have read and accepted these Terms of Sale, and completes the payment procedure. The Order Form is then sent to VERSACE, and the Consumer can no longer make any changes to the relevant Order.

3.5. Consumers may, for a limited time, save their Shopping Bag and complete their purchase at a later time, it being understood that adding Products to a Shopping Bag does not give any priority to Consumers with respect to such Products, which may therefore no longer be available when the Order is completed at a later time.  If an order procedure is not completed, all the items listed in the Shopping Bag are deleted, and the Consumer needs to start a new purchasing procedure.

3.6. For customisable Products, Consumers must send an alphanumeric combination, which VERSACE applies to the selected Product in order to proceed with customisation. By sending said combination, Consumers expressly guarantee that the relevant customisation does not include any expressions that may be obscene, offensive, discriminatory, or contrary to public policy, and does not infringe any applicable laws or any third-party rights or property. Consumers shall therefore be held solely and exclusively liable and prosecutable on such regard. VERSACE reserves the right, which it may exercise at its sole discretion, not to accept an alphanumeric combination being requested should it, for instance, deem such combination to be offensive or contain third-party trademarks, logos, or copyrights, notwithstanding the fact that VERSACE has no obligation to exercise such oversight.

3.7. Consumers acknowledge to be aware and to understand that, given the irreversible nature of any changes made to any customised item, the right to withdraw from an order cannot be exercised for customised Products.

3.8. Once the purchasing procedure is completed, the Consumer shall receive an email to the address they entered in the Order Form, to confirm submission of the relevant order and that the Privacy Policy, the information on the right of withdrawal, and the Terms of Sale have been accepted by the Consumer. The Order Form is filed on VERSACE’s data bank, located in Italy, for the time necessary to process orders, and in any case for time not exceeding the time-limits established under applicable law. Consumers may access their Order Forms at any time on the “My Account” section or by contacting Client Services (hereinafter, “Client Services”).

3.9. VERSACE reserves the right to decline orders submitted by Consumers should it believe, at its sole discretion, that such Consumers do not meet the requirements for making purchase orders, or where there is an on-going legal dispute with such Consumers regarding a past order, or for any lawful grounds, without the need to provide any reasons therefor. VERSACE reserves the right to limit or not to carry out orders which, at its sole discretion, may have been made for commercial and/or professional purposes.


4.1. The Products offered for sale on the Website are provided “based on availability”. Consumers therefore acknowledge that the Products are numerically limited and are therefore aware that VERSACE must confirm the availability thereof at the time of purchase, and that there may be occasional inconveniences with respect to the availability of certain Products. If the Products available at the time in which the Order Form is sent were to be unavailable at the time in which the same order is processed, VERSACE shall inform the Consumer without delay via email of the partial availability or non-availability of the Products. Therefore, Consumers henceforth accept that they will receive only available Products in case of their partial availability, or that their order may be cancelled if none of the Products ordered are available.

4.2 VERSACE reserves the right to make variations to the Products on the Website at any time, without the obligation to provide advance notice.

4.3. Should the Products ordered be temporarily unavailable, VERSACE shall inform the Consumer within 5 working days (and in any case within the time-limit for delivery as specified below) via email or by phone. If a Product is not available, the Consumer shall not be charged. If the amount for a purchase has already been charged, the same amount shall be reimbursed within 30 days.


5.1. Once a Consumer’s Order Form is received, VERSACE may accept it by sending an order confirmation as per Article 5.2 above (hereinafter, “Order Confirmation”), or decline it as per Article 5.3 above.

5.2 The contract stipulated between VERSACE and the Consumer shall be deemed to have been concluded when the latter receives the Order Confirmation from VERSACE. Said Order Confirmation is sent to the email address indicated by the Consumer in the Order Form, and it contains a confirmation and a summary of the purchase terms and conditions, and namely a description of the Product and the main characteristics thereof, the total price of the order, including shipping costs as applicable and as indicated in the “Orders and Shipping” section in the Consumer’s account.

5.3 The Order Confirmation shall be considered evidence of the conclusion of the sale contract between VERSACE and the Consumer, and acceptance of the provisions of these Terms of Sale, the Privacy Policy, and the information on the Consumers’ right of withdrawal. The data recorded by VERSACE on its server shall be treated as evidence of the completion of the transaction between the Consumer and VERSACE.

5.4. VERSACE reserves the right to decline an Order Form submitted by a Consumer and thereby not to enter into a sales contract with the same where

a) the Products listed in the Order Form are no longer available;

b) the Consumer has in the past infringed the Terms of Sale or failed to comply with its obligations;

c) there is a legal dispute between VERSACE and the Consumer regarding a past order;
d) it has transpired that the Consumer purchases Products for the purpose of reselling or transferring them for commercial or professional purposes;

e) the Consumer has been involved or is suspected to have engaged in unlawful or fraudulent activities.

In this case, VERSACE shall inform the Consumer of such cancellation via e-mail within 30 (thirty) days of the date in which the Order Form is received.


6.1. The prices for the Products offered for sale on the Website include VAT and are listed in Euro or other local currency. Though VERSACE will do everything in its power to ensure that the prices displayed on the Website are accurate and up-to-date, it cannot be excluded that errors may occur. If, after the Order Confirmation, an error in the prices for the Products ordered by a Consumer is detected, VERSACE shall contact the Consumer asking if they wish to reconfirm the order for the correct price or cancel the order. If VERSACE is unable to contact the Consumer, the order shall be cancelled.

6.2. The amount displayed at conclusion of the purchase procedure and before the Order Confirmation is inclusive of standard shipping costs, which, unless otherwise stated on the Website, are payable by VERSACE and are detailed in the Order Form and in the relative invoice.

6.3. VERSACE accepts only the credit cards and other payment methods expressly listed on the Website.

6.4. By sending the Order Form, the Consumer confirms and guarantees to be the owner of the credit card and to be legally authorised to use the other payment methods to complete their purchase on the Website, and that all the data pertaining to the above payment methods or cards entered for the purpose of the purchase are correct.

6.5. The Products listed in the Order Confirmation are shipped only after the Consumer’s payment data are verified, and only after a) credit card or payment method details are confirmed; b) the company issuing the credit card or payment method pre-authorises the relevant transaction; and c) the Product has been confirmed as available by VERSACE, and after the order is ready to be fulfilled.

6.6. The entire transaction regarding orders that contain exclusively customised or pre-order Products not yet ready to be shipped at the time of the Order Confirmation, and orders that also contain customised or pre-order Products shall be charged for all the Products in the order, including for the Products that are already available upon receipt of the Order Confirmation, 

6.7. All the Products include a tag containing an identification number, which constitutes an integral part of the Product itself. VERSACE recommends not to remove the tag and relative identification number from the Products purchased until they are confirmed to match the Products ordered, or until such time as Consumers are sure they do not wish to exercise their right of withdrawal pursuant to Article 10 below.


7.1. The Products shall be shipped to the address provided by the Consumer when they fill out the Order Form. For security reasons, VERSACE does not ship orders to mail boxes and does not accept orders where the individual recipient of the order and their address cannot be identified.

7.2. Unless otherwise stated on the Website, standard shipping costs are borne by VERSACE and are detailed in the Order Form and relative invoice as detailed in point 6.2 above.

7.3. All the purchases are delivered by selected courier service (hereinafter, the “Courier”) from Monday to Friday, excluding also local or national bank holidays, from the day following the dispatch of the Order Confirmation, and in any case within 10 (ten) working days from the same, based on the stated availability. VERSACE shall not be liable for delays attributable to the Courier.

7.4. At the time of shipping of the Product purchased the Consumer receives an email to the address indicated in the Order Form, containing a shipment tracking code and a link to allow the Consumer to track the delivery in real time.
VERSACE shall provide its assistance to the Consumer for any delivery issues through its Client Services, which may be contacted in the manners indicated on the Website.

7.5. In case of any issues with delivery or if the Consumer did not receive the Products within 10 (ten) working days from the date of receipt of the Order Confirmation, the Consumer is invited to contact VERSACE using the contact methods listed in the “Contact Us” section of the Website.


8.1. VERSACE reserves the right to change or correct these Terms of Sale, the Privacy Policy, and the Products offered for sale on the Website and their prices, at any time and without notice. VERSACE invites the Consumer to carefully read the Terms of Sale and the Privacy Policy before making a purchase on the Website.

8.2. In the event of typographical errors, including inaccurate statements or omissions (hereinafter, “Errors”) in the description of the Products, their price, any promotions, offers, and the availability of the Product at issue, VERSACE reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to correct said errors, to change and update the information, to revoke the offers containing said Errors, and to cancel any order, including when confirmed and when the relative amount has been charged to the same payment method used for the relevant purchase. In this case, the amount charged to the payment method used at the time of purchase shall be reimbursed in full to the Consumer.

8.3. All the above changes and/or corrections shall apply only to the purchase orders submitted after the date of the change or correction made by VERSACE. The Consumer shall therefore be charged for the amounts featured on the Website at the time of the Order Confirmation, on condition that the Products ordered are available at that time.


9.1. The Products must be checked by the Consumer at the time of their delivery to ensure they match the items ordered and that there are no evident manufacturing faults or defects of conformity.

9.2. Any anomalies (including, by way of example and not limitation, any tampering or damages to the box containing the Products) found at the time of delivery may be indicated by the Consumer directly to the Courier, adding a comment, handwritten and signed, to the delivery note. In these circumstances the Consumer shall not be under obligation to accept the Products and may return them directly to the Courier.

9.3. If said anomalies are detected after delivery, the Consumer shall contact Client Services without delay using the contact details found in the “Contact Us” section on the Website.


10.1. The Consumer has the right to withdraw from the agreement entered into with VERSACE for the purchase of the Products through the Website without charge or penalties and without the obligation to provide any reasons, within 30 (thirty) working days of the date of receipt of the Products purchased on the Website. As indicated in Article 3.7 above, the right to withdraw is expressly excluded for customised Products, as they incorporate irreversible alphanumeric combinations developed and sent personally by the Consumer. In exercising their right of withdrawal, for any reason whatsoever, Consumers are not authorised to exchange the Product purchased with a different Product.

10.2. To exercise their right of withdrawal, Consumers must follow the procedures and indications contained in the “Returns and Refunds” section on the Website and fill-in the pre-printed returns form they received with the order. Consumers are responsible for the proper packaging, labelling, and shipping of their returns. For any questions, Consumers may also contact Client Services using the details provided in the “Contact Us” section on the Website. Should the Consumer fail to follow the above procedure, the Consumer shall be charged for all return costs and shall be fully liable for any loss, theft, damages, or delivery delays with respect to the relevant returns.

10.3. Consumers shall be reimbursed exclusively on condition that the Product purchased is returned in the same conditions in which it was delivered, never been used, worn, or washed, deteriorated or damaged in any manner whatsoever, and that it has all the original tags accompanying the Product (including the anti-counterfeiting tag), including all its parts and accessories, where any. VERSACE shall check the packaging and the condition of each single Product returned, as the material integrity of the same constitutes an essential requirement for the exercise of the right of withdrawal. If the right of withdrawal is exercised with respect to all of the Products included in the same purchase order, all the Products must be returned at the same time and in the same shipment, together with their original packaging.

10.4. VERSACE reserves the right to reject any returned Products which fail to meet the requirements of Article 10.3, or which are in a condition such as to unequivocally suggest that they have been used for purposes other than to perform the checks strictly necessary to determine the nature and the characteristics of the purchased Products.

10.5. The price paid for the returned Products shall be reimbursed using the same payment method used for their purchase. VERSACE reserves the right to withhold said reimbursement until it has received and checked the Product. The Products purchased on the Website may not under any circumstances be returned to VERSACE’s physical stores.

10.6. The sums paid at the time of purchase shall be reimbursed as soon as possible and in any case no later than 30 (thirty) days from the date in which VERSACE receives the items returned by the Consumer at its warehouses, and provided that the conditions detailed in Article 10.3 above are met in full. VERSACE shall send the Consumer a confirmation via email once the reimbursement has been made.

10.7. Should the recipient of the Products, as indicated in the Order Form, be other than the person making the payment for the purchase of the Products, the reimbursement shall be made by VERSACE to the person who made the payment.

10.8. To return  the Products purchased on the Website, Consumers must follow the process detailed below:

1. Check and make sure that the package includes the label, any tags, and the commercial documents accompanying the Products.

2. Contact the Courier by phone at the number indicated in the receipt, and agree with said Courier on a date and time for collection, it being understood that such withdrawal must take place at an address located in the same Country where the Consumer received the Products.

3. Ask the Courier for a copy of the collection receipt relative to the Products, duly signed by the same Courier, and keep said copy as evidence of collection.

10.9. Standard shipping costs for returns are borne by VERSACE.

10.10 If a Consumer chooses to use a different shipping method other than the standard shipping method offered by VERSACE, VERSACE encourages Consumers to ensure the full value of the Products to be returned, to obtain and carefully keep the relevant receipt and shipment number. In this case, said shipment costs shall be borne by the Consumer, and VERSACE shall not be responsible for reimbursing the price of the Products sent by the Consumer and not received by VERSACE due to loss, theft, or damage, for which VERSACE shall not under any circumstances be held be liable.


11.1. If a Product being delivered does not match the Product ordered on the Website, the Consumer is entitled to request that the items delivered match the Products in the relevant Order Form, and, where the Products ordered are not available, ask for the order to be cancelled. In the event of order cancellation, the costs for the Products returned shall not be charged to the payment method used by the Consumer at the time of purchase. If the amount relative to the purchase has already been charged, the relevant amount shall be reimbursed within 30 days.

11.2. Order cancellations and reimbursement requests relative to any Product purchased on the Website must at all times be completed within the time-limit provided for under Article 13.2; Consumers must follow the return procedure indicated in the “Returns and Refunds” section on the Website.

11.3. If a Consumer uses the standard Courier and shipping method offered by VERSACE to return the Products, shipping shall be free of charge. If a Consumer chooses to use a courier of their choice, the Consumer shall be exclusively and fully responsible for the return of the Product, assuming all the risks relative to shipping, and shall therefore hold VERSACE harmless from any liability whatsoever concerning a loss of the Product, incorrect shipping, wrong address, or delivery delays. In this case, the Products shall be returned by registered post to the following address:

Resi del negozio online Versace

Via Libertà 223

28043 Bellinzago


11.4. VERSACE shall issue a reimbursement equivalent to the amount paid to purchase the Product, on condition that it is returned in the same conditions in which it was delivered, in its original state and packaging, never been used, worn, or washed, deteriorated or damaged in any manner whatsoever, and that it has all the original tags accompanying the Product (including the anti-counterfeiting tag), including all its parts and accessories, where any. VERSACE shall check the packaging and the condition of each single Product returned, as the material integrity of the same constitutes an essential requirement for the exercise of the right to return purchased products.

11.5. Consumers may not request a replacement or reimbursement through the Website for VERSACE products purchased at VERSACE's physical stores or in other venues legally authorised to sell VERSACE products.


Except for the case of wrongful intentional or grossly negligent acts, VERSACE shall not be held liable in any manner whatsoever towards Consumers for any indirect or consequential damages which may be suffered by the same in connection to the purchase of Products offered for sale on the Website.


13.1. VERSACE shall be liable for any defects of the Products offered for sale on the Website, including their non-compliance with EU legislation on the matter.

13.2. The Product warranty provided by VERSACE shall be valid provided that both of the following conditions are met:

a) the defect becomes apparent within 24 (twenty-four) months from the date of delivery of the Products;

b) the Consumer submits a formal complaint relative to the defects within no more than 2 (two) months from the date in which the defect was detected, by contacting Client Services.

Pursuant to Article 130 of the Consumers Code, in the event of non-compliance the Consumer shall have the right to obtain, at no cost, that the non-compliant Product be repaired or replaced, or obtain an appropriate reduction of the price and keeping the Product, or the withdrawal from the purchase agreement relating to the same product, and the right to receive compensation upon returning the Product at issue.

13.3. Consumers may at all time contact Client Services for assistance calling the number reported in the “Contact Us” section; however, complaints must be submitted by filling-in the form available in the “Contact Us” section on the Website.

13.4. The costs for returning defective Products shall be borne by VERSACE, on condition that the Consumer uses the standard shipping method offered by VERSACE.

13.5. VERSACE shall not be liable for any delays or failed completion of the order due to circumstances outside its reasonable control.


14.1. These Terms of Sale and any non-contractual obligation arising therefrom or relating thereto are governed by the rules of Italian law, and shall be interpreted based on said law, without prejudice to any provision of law, more favourable to the Consumer, applicable in the habitual country of residence of the Consumer making the purchase. Any dispute shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court in the place where the Consumer is domiciled or is a resident, or, at the choice of the Consumer, the Italian Court of Milan.

14.2. If any of the provisions contained in these Terms of Sale should be found to be invalid, null, or unenforceable for any reason, such provision shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the other provisions.

14.3. VERSACE furthermore wishes to inform its Consumers that for out-of-court, online resolution of a dispute arising from a sales agreement entered into, and without prejudice to the Consumer's right to access the protections afforded by the judicial system, they may also submit complaints on the European platform for Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) at the following address: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/, in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 130 of 6 August 2015 and of Regulation (EC) No. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes.


15.1. The entire content of the Website www.versace.com, including trademarks, copyright, corporate images, works, images, photos, dialogues, music, sounds, video, documents, drawings, figures, logos, menus, web pages, graphic design, colours, models, tools, print, drawings, diagrams, layout, methods, processes, characteristics, and software (collectively the “Content”) are property of and/or accessible exclusively to VERSACE and its content providers, and are protected under Italian copyright law and any applicable intellectual property law.

15.2. The Consumer may not reproduce, publish, distribute, visualise, modify, create works, or benefit in any manner whatsoever from the Content used in whole or in part without the prior written consent of VERSACE or its content providers, as the case may be, it being understood, however, that in this document VERSACE gives the Consumer’s authorisation to visualise, download, and print the pages of the Website in paper form exclusively for personal and non-commercial use.

15.3. VERSACE has the right to claim ownership of any Content published on the Website, at any time, and to object to any use, distortion, or change to said Content.


16.1. VERSACE may, at its exclusive discretion, delete the Consumer’s account or prevent the Consumer from using the Website at any moment. VERSACE reserves the right to change the present General Conditions of Sale, and to modify, suspend, or discontinue the functionality or the Content of the Website at any time and without notice.


17.1. To submit a complaint, or to request information or assistance in regard to the Website or the purchase procedure, Consumers are invited to fill in the form in the “Contact Us” section on the Website or to contact VERSACE at the phone number indicated in the same section. Last updated October 2023



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